The Internet Is For Porn: Sex Negativity and Sexualization

I don’t need to tell you that there’s a lot of hypocrisy surrounding the Internet and sex.  Websites like Amazon, Google, and Paypal are constantly patrolling sexuality by limiting access to goods, services, and content that those websites consider “pornographic,” while at the same time content that could be extremely damaging due to its misogynistic and in some cases triggering nature gets through scot-free.  It’s hilarious, in a very sad way, that frank and informative content about sexuality, queer identity, sex work, etc. is constantly being policed while no one complains about vaguely pornographic images of children on shopping websites, threats of sexual assault in web forums, or erotica that focuses on non-consensual “ravishment.”

I most recently came across this kind of hypocrisy in a certain wiki’s approach to sex-related content.  The policy clearly states that articles cannot be about sex, giving two examples (one about planning a threesome) of articles that aren’t allowed and two examples (both about kissing) of articles that are.  Yet, the site allows articles on how to get a girl to take her panties off, how to address an addiction to masturbation, and how to lose your “virginity.”  It comes as no surprise that the articles that are available about sex focus on penetration, assume heterosexuality, and have an implicitly male point of view.  But don’t plan threesomes, anyone!  Heaven forbid.


This post was originally published on the blog Sex Positive Activism, which has now merged to become the sex & relationships section of Queer & Now.

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