Momentum Con Recap

I’m happy to say that I had an amazing weekend at Momentum, thanks to our fabulous organizers Tess & Diva, a truly excellent group of presenters, and a great crowd of attendees overall.  It felt so good to be in a sex-positive, mostly safe space for a weekend, and I feel about a hundred times more connected to the online sexuality community than I did before the convention.  It’s great to read the blogs and listen to the podcasts, but making new personal connections gives my writing and activism so much more energy.  I did a pretty good job of making time for self-care this weekend, in a number of ways, and for the most part managed to keep my mental health balanced.  There are tons of project ideas spinning through my head, and I know I need to tone it down, but I do think I’ll be ready to go ahead with the planned sexuality e-zine project soon.

Some of the highlights for me included:

  • A couple of really great practical workshops courtesy of Shanna Katz and Lillith Grey on intersectionality and feminist relationships, respectively
  • An opening panel that really got my mind moving and made me feel encouraged about my possible role as a young sexuality activist bridging the gap between young feminist and queer communities and sex educators (not to mention an incredibly welcoming table of folks who helped to assuage my initial anxieties for the con)
  • Massage exchange to cure that incredibly inconvenient “Twitter neck” phenomenon
  • Princess Kali doing a workshop on D/s and feminism in absolutely genuine motherfucking Christian Louboutins, and the winning sex geekery of having a partner in perversion in the form of Miss Luna
  • Just generally, the joy of the Twitter stream making up at least in part for the fact that I can’t be in three places at once
  • A really awesome panel that I got to participate in with Jenny Block, Anita Wagner, Jessica Karels, and a very engaging audience
  • The unexpected support I felt from various folks at the con when I brought up things like class, accessibility, and financial difficulties in relation to sex work/writing/activism
  • Reid Mihalko doing a speed flirting session to break the ice, because let’s face it, in an environment like this I want to have sex with half the people there and simultaneously cannot stop blushing (yes, we are all in 7th grade!)
  • A really nice chill time Saturday evening that helped me recharge and get my head back together
  • An also really nice time Saturday night in the bar with some pretty intensely sexy things to watch, snuggles, a cane, and a two-thumbs-up encounter upstairs that I would definitely classify as sex positive
  • The small but very supportive group of people who came to my Poly & New Media session and helped turn it into a moderated discussion (which always feels much more comfortable to me in a small group) with a productive exchange of ideas about social media and how to improve it to be more poly-friendly
  • The absolute kick-ass final panel that made me want to buy some Tristan Taormino porn

See you next year!

This post was originally published on the blog Sex Positive Activism, which has now merged to become the sex & relationships section of Queer & Now.


  1. “because let’s face it, in an environment like this I want to have sex with half the people there and simultaneously cannot stop blushing”

    That made me laugh out loud. 🙂

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference, Avory! All best to you, and take care.


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