Sex Positive Activism is Dead; Long Live the Sex & Relationships Section!

This is just an FYI for folks who notice that there’s suddenly a flood of posts on this blog dated before this blog technically existed. No, we haven’t been invaded by Time Lords (I wish). I’ve made the decision to shut down Sex Positive Activism, a blog I maintained from 2010 to 2013, in the process of creating this blog, Queer & Now.

Why? Initially, Sex Positive Activism was a distinction that made sense from Radically Queer, my main blog. I wanted to blog about activisty stuff only, and I needed a pseudonym to blog about sexuality topics. Well, in the interim, I got older, and stopped caring who knows what I think about sexuality topics. I also got the idea for this blog, which kept brewing and brewing with not enough time to actually create it.

Now that this blog is a real, live place where I can write about a variety of topics from everyday life to pop culture to geekery, it makes sense to put my musings about sex and relationships right here. And it makes sense to put my sex-focused activism-type posts over on Radically Queer. For simplicity, I’ve moved the entire Sex Positive Activism archive to this blog, and put it in the Sex & Relationships category. Some of the posts are activist-y, or not that much about sex, but it made sense for an archival move. If you’re curious, feel free to poke around the archives, and look forward to more posts on the topic right here in the future!

If you came here from Sex Positive Activism, pull up a chair and add this blog to your RSS feed reader. It’s good to have you around!

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