Is ShoeDazzle a Good Deal?

I’ve been a member of ShoeDazzle for a year and a half or so. Though ShoeDazzle bills itself as one of these premium fashion sites that acts as your personal shopper, it’s more of a standard online shoe store that happens to give you recommendations and deals. That said, some of my favorite and most-commented-on shoes come from ShoeDazzle. They tend to have funky dress shoe styles a bit cheaper than you might find at Nine West or elsewhere, and I’ve found a decent selection from $20 to $40. The last-minute deals are often disappointing, as you won’t find anything in your size (though small-footed people will love it!) and they do sometimes make mistakes. I ordered one pair of shoes in purple that came in black. You can hover over the gallery for my notes: these shoes are no longer available on the site, but you can sometimes find out-of-stock styles at Burlington Coat Factory or on eBay. Most of ShoeDazzle’s styles are very femme, but they have a few more casual options.

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