101 Goals in 1001 Days

I did this meme twice. The last time (2009-2012) I only achieved 30 of the goals, and it’s hilarious how much my goals and priorities actually changed in that almost four-year period. I think that’s the most fun part of the meme, honestly. Go to church regularly? Read all of the New Yorker? Who the hell WAS I in 2009? I’m kind of sad that I missed a 1001 day period, as I’m terribly curious how many goals I might have achieved from 2012-2016.

But I thought this might be a good time to start another list, given what a shit-show 2016 was in some ways, and where I am in my life personally and professionally. I’ve realized that I’m strongly motivated by objectives, even when they’re something like “relax more.” So that said, here goes nothing:

Start Date: 1/1/2017
End Date: 9/29/2019


1. Maintain a consistent presence on active blogs for six months
2. Limit speaking engagements to those where I’m the right person or can co-present
3. Publish (formally or informally) my first game
4. Create a second game
5. Try to make comics (at least a few) or equivalent creative project
6. Sketchnote three events
7. Launch a podcast or write ten scripts and decide it’s not for me
8. Write ten stories
9. Make a mixtape or a fan mix
10. Get acquainted with three new musical artists
11. Complete a Thursday Times crossword
12. Color all the pages in a coloring book
13. Let go of craft supplies I’m not using
14. Hang an inspirational piece of art in my space
15. Start playing instruments or find a new home for them

Reading, Activism, and Community:

16. Read 100 books by authors/creators of color
17. Keep RSS feed queue within a month of current for six months
18. Keep Tumblr within a month of current for six months
19. Keep Tumblr likes clear for six months
20. Volunteer for something that doesn’t benefit me personally
21. Attend a community event
22. Donate $2,000 to POC-led organizations
23. Read all the Bitch magazines I own
24. Read all the comics I own
25. Read all the books I own (or donate books I don’t want to read anymore)
26. Review three books
27. Tweet out at least twenty projects/writings by QTPOC
28. Register to vote and research candidates at least once
29. Read all the e-books I own
30. Read twenty of the articles I’ve saved


31. Respond to three difficult emails
32. Plan six spontaneous friend dates
33. Go on a trip with a friend (not a con)
34. Visit three long-distance friends
35. Do a video date with LM
36. Make a positive major relationship choice
37. Go out dancing three times
38. Host three social gatherings
39. Make one tough apology
40. Correct three lies
41. Leave ten positive pieces of online feedback
42. Play ten new games
43. Have one successful birthday
44. Have lunch with one former colleague
45. Connect with one “lost” friend
46. Call my dad weekly for three straight months


47. Get a promotion
48. Have two direct reports
49. Get a new job (internal or external)
50. Learn a new professional skill
51. Successfully complete three projects
52. Take advantage of one interesting opportunity
53. Promote a direct report or manage into a positive external role
54. Follow up on one networking connection
55. Influence a major decision at work
56. Own up to a mistake at work
57. Keep inbox under 50 items for a month
58. Keep total ticket queue under 50 items for a month
59. Save up $50K for retirement


60. Maintain a meditation practice for six months
61. Do daily yoga, at least a few poses, for the duration of the Trump administration
62. Meet weekly food guidance for three months straight
63. Exercise at least 4 times a week for three months straight
64. Unlock all the routines for the basic songs on Dance Central
65. Brush teeth daily with no missed days for one month
66. Go to the dentist
67. Get a pair of glasses that don’t suck
68. Get a massage monthly for six months
69. Visit a new kind of health practitioner
70. Go to a specialist for one of my health issues
71. Take daily vitamins for three months
72. Stop eating dairy and maintain for three months
73. Cook twenty homemade meals from scratch
74. Eat at least 2 servings of veggies a day for a month
75. Go through my body care products and find the ones I actually want

General Personal:

76. Get rid of 20 pieces of clothing or accessories that don’t work
77. Get rid of 10 books I don’t really need
78. Buy a good winter coat
79. Sign a 2017 lease
80. Go to Turkey
81. Go somewhere else abroad
82. Gain decent command of one new or dropped language
83. Back up computer on time for six months
84. Earn a trip or other major purchase on credit card rewards
85. Get and set up a Pixel phone
86. Figure out how to organize my photos
87. Go skiing
88. Process inboxes daily for one month
89. Do weekly review for three months
90. Do Year Compass or another yearly review three years in a row
91. Organize three new areas of my life
92. Finish three of the digital organization tasks on my list
93. Go vegan or have a reason I actually believe not to
94. Plan something big for my 35th birthday
95. Actively use an organization system for a year
96. Get all my passwords organized
97. Get to the end of a computer/video game
98. Finish three online courses
99. Actually clean my bathroom
100. Try three new self-care / self-discovery practices
101. Take a bubble bath

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