Time to Say Goodbye

In honor of Samhain and Scorpio season, I’m making a decision to clear something from my life that hasn’t really been active for a while. I’ll no longer be writing new posts for either Radically Queer or Queer & Now. This isn’t a choice I make lightly, but I’ve realized that it’s time. I’m putting my energy primarily into my YouTube channel these days, where I post a mix of witchy/tarot/astrology content and the social justice topics you’ve come to expect from me. I actually have been consistently posting twice a month for a while now, so it feels like this is a sustainable thing. If you’re interested, I’d love for you to subscribe! I also continue to be active on Twitter with a mix of justice-y and personal content @queeractivist, and on Instagram with a mix of witchy/tarot and personal content @avoryfaucette. I will continue to renew this domain and keep all the content available. I also will probably drop a line here if I ever expand this content into an e-book, which may happen at some point. Thank you for reading and commenting over the years and I hope to see you on one of the above platforms!

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